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Steps of Training Your Dog to Stay in Confinement

Training a dog to stay in its den is one way of ensuring that it has ample rest. Because dogs dont soil their dens, confining them will teach now them how to hold when they want to pee. Dogs that have been trained to stay in a crate can be held there for hours without problems when one is traveling with them. People ensure that the dog stays out of harm by placing it in the crate. You can also control the pets bad behavior by confinement. Ensure that you prevent disturbance of your guests by your puppy by placing it inside the crate. Here are some tips on how to train the dog to stay in a kennel.

Ensure the crate is of the right size. Remove excess space as this can make the dog to sleep on one corner and shun the other. You will find dealers who sell this product within your neighborhood.

It can take many days for the dog to become familiar with the crate and therefore this training should not be rushed. Always associate the crate with good things to ensure that the dog feels comfortable.

Put the kennel in a room where there are people. Your canine should like the comfort of the crate. Some puppies are very anxious to discover more about this environment, and thus they spend more time in the kennel. Let the dog become comfortable with how you talk to it when it’s inside the kennel. Open the door and fasten it properly to avoid injuring the dog. Put some delicacies into the den to soothe the dog to get inside.

Begin feeding the pet near the crate. It is an incentive that makes the dog perceive the crate as a source of good things. Keep on pushing the dish a little further inside as the pet becomes more familiar with its den. Close the door of the kennel when they are eating. Train the pet not to cry when inside as a trick for it to be released.

Command the puppy to get inside the crate. Appreciate the dog when it obliges to get into the crate. Gradually lengthen the time which the canine is inside the kennel. Let the dog remain in the kennel for some time when you are outside your home. Dont alarm the pet when you want to leave in the crate. You should not approach the dog enthusiastically when you come back. Train the dog to sleep in the crate when its dark. Know why the dog is whining at night. Never Ignore when the canine is producing an extended cry.

Ensure that your kids are informed about the need for the dog to have adequate rest by not getting inside its den. Ensure that the puppy walks or runs around before putting in the cage. Ensure that your pet does not have a leash when inside the kennel. You will not be stressed in enabling the pet to stay in the crate if you observe these guidelines.

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