How “Ben Sykes” is Revisiting and Revitalizing Compound Medicine in Fringe Markets

The team alongside “Ben Sykes” has formed a powerful strategy in the area of compound medicine. What began as a seeming niche is now a well-realized system of balances to encourage compounding techniques and purchasing power from niche providers.

Struggling Against the Big Three Obstacles

The basic idea is simple. It is birthed from a problem of accessibility. Many small-scaled veterinary practices were struggling to receive the proper orders they needed to care for animals. This was particularly problematic in niche areas, such as caring for reptiles, birds, exotic animals, and more. Anything that was not a common household pet was pushed to the fringes of the market.

Some charity organizations and animal care groups struggled with finding affordable resources in the perfect storm of inability. If the animal was exotic in any way, dealing with a tough problem, and existing in a group lacking in distinct resources, the animal would struggle immensely.

Ben Sykes has helped bring compounding to the fringe animal care areas. The idea is essentially one that relies on small batch orders for specialized products. The team can receive medications that would be inaccessible through traditional outlets. The care specialist can improve their compliance score and have access to a wider range of specialized items.

Compounding Changed the Dynamic

These items may only be needed a few times a year. But, when it happens, vets can care for the animals, keep records high, and supply for a virtually unlimited variety of situations. No longer are specialists often restricted to the most common ailments.

It has helped change expectations. It has also helped save the lives of animals, garner greater support at a financial level for already-struggling institutions, and help fuel more positive growth.

Ben Sykes, Nick Bova, and their accomplished team have helped fulfill upwards of 200 orders a day in small batches and for specialty outlets. The team fosters great relationships with these providers, and they help handle the high-end tasks of compliance. They have made rehabilitation clinics better. They have improved the cultural rehab in zoos. They have helped funnel wide support in areas that were not given the proper resources and time from major medicine suppliers.

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